“Branding is a measurement of trust”

 Jesse Arnold Miller, Founder of Miller Communications


Origins of Branding

In the present day, branding often materializes in the interior software of the mind. A brand's product, either services, goods, or personality, is defined by society's ideas, morals, and public perception. While this definition rings true, the origin of branding situates itself in the material world. 


The word “brand” derives from the ancient language of Old Norse and served as a way to refer to burning wood. “Brand” eventually developed into the verb, “branding,” by people speaking Late Middle English, taking on the meaning of “to permanently mark something by using hot iron.” 


However, the practice of branding most likely reaches back into the Stone Age. Cave art displays depictions of cattle marked with paint and tar. It wasn’t until 2,000 BC that people began using burning symbols on cattle to identify them. Branding is exhibited cross-culturally throughout the ancient world on animals and objects — like pottery, per se — alike, evolving with humanity into the 21st century.

Jesse’s First Take at Branding

Having grown up on a cattle ranch in rural Oregon, Jesse is all too familiar with the concept of branding. It was only when he began his communications career that he connected the act of physical branding and internal branding together.

The Inner Concept:

Brands are built not only from a visual aspect but are also constructed through a list of ideas that embody the brand. What are words that would describe your brand? How do they encase what you are trying to sell to your clients?

The Outer Concept:

Then there’s everyone’s favorite part, the logo. What will catch your intended audience’s eye? What kind of design will enable customers to not only trust your brand but continually revisit your company? The ideas of your brand’s internal design must align with what is perceived on the outside, your logo.

Diagram Under Development


With these two concepts in hand, Miller Communications strives to develop and manage your brand to help you reach and maintain your clientele.

Have questions about branding?  Please reach out to us! 

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Brand management is when we utilize techniques to preserve, grow, and solidify your brand’s value and perception to your clients.

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