What is business development?

Business development is the act of growing your business, whether that be through expanding your market, finding new clients, protecting your clients from competitors, or striking a partnership with another business. 


At Miller Communications, our business development not only includes ourselves, but our clients and their businesses. If our clients need assistance in the growth of their business, it is imperative to us that we help them meet their goals.

The COVID-19 Crisis

Photos of Jesse and Scott in the workplace with a cutlines

Miller Communications Business Development via LEGO

Part of developing a business requires attracting clients. At Miller Communications, we use LEGO bricks as a communication tool between new and existing clients. When we’re in a work environment, people will often stop and ask, “what are you building?” and then go on to ask, “what else do you guys do?” We often meet new clients through this genuine, not to mention fun, conversation starter. 


For more information on how we use LEGO, click on the button below:

Some Advice and Knowledge on Developing Your Business

  1. If you’re not trying to grow your business, your competitors are 

  2. There is always someone looking to take your clients

  3. Learn and establish a best business practice and see if it works in your industry 

  4. Develop a business model that proves successful in not only keeping your clients, but also gaining more clients 

  5. If you’re the owner of your business, you have control over how quickly your business grows

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