Before Miller Communications encompassed a wide variety of services, our company was manned by one guy repairing Apple products, our founder, Jesse Miller. After working on Apple tech for 10 plus years, Jesse became a Certified Apple Technician in 2018.

Photo of Jesse

How It Started

Jesse’s grandfather, who worked as a technician for IBM, introduced him to his first computer, the IBM II. But  Jesse’s introduction to computers wasn’t exactly “love at first sight.” He possessed fundamental trepidations about computers but knew that in front of him stood a glimpse of the future. Jesse was later on introduced to the Macintosh II in middle school, and his affinity for Apple products commenced. 


Let’s fast forward to 2011. The Macbook Air just made its debut to the market as a small but mighty computer. Displaying agility and high speed, the Macbook Air served as Jesse’s computer for several years, that is, until the charge port broke. Working in communications at the time with no spare laptop, Jesse took his computer to the Apple Store, where he was charged $90 to check in his machine that the Apple tech employees wound up being unable to fix. 


So Jesse fixed his laptop himself, kickstarting his career as a “tech guy.”

How It Continued

When iPhones came center stage, Jesse noticed that its owners shared a similar trait: cracked screens. Through a company called iCracked, Jesse made his rounds through Southern California, fixing iPhone screens. He then learned how to repair iPads, eventually gaining the skill of micro soldering. By 2018, Jesse knew the ins and outs of Apple and was thus crowned as Apple Certified. 


“Learning how to fix iPhones changed my life, like majorly. One, I was driving all over LA. Two, I was meeting clients. To give you an idea, on my record days, I’d repair eight phones in a single day.” - Jesse Arnold Miller

How It Works Today

While he works as the CEO and Founder of Miller Communications, Jesse still repairs Apple products. If you have a cracked screen or an Apple conundrum, you can schedule your repair by clicking the button below. 


pic of Jesse working on an older apple device


pic of Jesse working on a newer apple device today

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